HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

This is the tennis racquet that most intermediate-level tennis players prefer to use during the ongoing match. It comes from the most brilliant tennis brand, Head that is known for its constantly pushing athletic equipment for the needs of every athlete. It brings equipment for players of all levels; however, this tennis racquet is introduced mainly for intermediate-level tennis players to boost up their game even further. 

This racquet makes an ideal choice for all intermediate-level players as it has everything that is suitable to their skills and gaming expertise. It comes with an oversized head of almost 115-inches that is enough to create a larger sweet spot to grab and hit the ball effectively. This Head helps them to master precision in their shot and get ahead of the team with greater confidence. 

Additionally, it has an amazing head-heavy balance that plays a crucial role in maintaining stability and control over the ball when it hit the surface. Also, the racquet is made durable and lightweight by adding titanium & graphite fiber technology. It helps the racquet to last for longer and serve stronger and better.

  • Easy to carry
  • Increased stability
  • Long-lasting
  • Not fit for advanced-level players

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

The next racquet that we found best-suited for all intermediate-level players is this Adult Recreational Racquet by Wilson. It has stunning features that support your everyday game even better and excellently. It is regarded as one of the best intermediate tennis racquets that and is famous among a broad range of player around the globe. 

Firstly, it has short and compact strings that handle multiple power-shots easily. The strings are also introduced to add stability to the player’s performance. With the help of these strings, the racquet becomes extremely efficient to handle all your rough handlings with greater ease. 

Its Head is amazingly helpful in adding power to your every shot. It is made oversized only to make it capable of hitting the ball with greater preciseness. This preciseness and accuracy in your shot help you stand prominent among other players on the court. It helps you step ahead towards being even a professional player whose performance is unmatched. 

Then we have its Volcanic Frame Technology that is powerful and responsible enough to add greater stability and power to each shot that you play. Also, its open-string pattern manufacturing increases the spin and momentum in your shot and helps you get ahead of the competition with a more confident face.

  • Stiff frame
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Control lacks at times

HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

If you are desirous of getting a tennis racquet that is famous for showcasing the best-ever performance on the court, getting this one as a solution is a right choice. It comes from an amazing Head brand that ensures to introduce quality items that meet all your in-court needs efficiently. 

This tennis racquet makes an excellent choice for all intermediate-level tennis players. It includes a lot of helpful features that easily take the intermediate-level player to the professional and advanced level. It offers an ideal combination of control and comfort to help you reach your goal. 

Just like any other best-quality tennis racquet, this one also comes with an oversized 107-inches head to make a larger and better sweet spot. It grabs your every shot with greater precision and lets you have control over it even more. 

Additionally, the racquet comes with a 2 pt headlight balance that reduces vibration and increases stability in the shot of the players. This feature helps each player to master precision and accuracy to get better at your game with each passing day. 

The addition of Microgel technology helps the racquet to intelligently deform and compress upon the ball and thus helps it to absorb and distribute the force around the entire frame with greater effectiveness. 

The dimensions of this racquet are wonderful and make the racquet and easy to carry, handle, and use equipment in the court. It comes with 4.5-inches of grip size and a length of 27-inches which make the racquet extremely comfortable to grab and handle during the game. 

All these features combine to categorize this racquet as the best and most admired racquet in the market. It helps the intermediate players to feel better at their game and also compete with the advanced-level players most conveniently.

  • Great power-shots
  • Advanced features
  • Convenient to handle
  • Customer-support service is not so good

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

The next racquet by Wilson is this Clash 100 that is known best for its featured-packed existence. Here are some of its best features that we consider most compelling to fascinate any payer to give it a try at least once. 

Most importantly, the racquet comes with a combination of flexibility and the best-in-class control feature that you will not find in any other similar category racquet in the market. This flexibility is achieved through its head light balance that collaborates with the FreeFlex. They both combine to play their crucial part in helping the racquet to attain this stability and control. FreeFlex technology is known for its carbon-mapping that allows the frame to bend in various directions to support your multiple ball-pocketing in the court. 

Then, this racquet also includes the Stable Smart frame geometry that responsibly preserves stability throughout the game. If you want the best swing shot of all time, this racquet has this exciting offer for you. The StableSmart frame addition helps you get your desired swing shot on the court. With this racquet in your hand, you are likely to get more confident in your skills and be efficient in the court to get ahead of all the players. 

This racquet comes in two versions; Clash 100 for intermediate and Clash 100 Tour for the advanced-level players. As you are in search of an intermediate tennis racquet, you can simply choose Clash 100 to get the best experience of all time. 

 While talking about its dimensions, these are just right to make you satisfied with the purchase. It comes in almost 27-inches of length, 295g and 312g unstrung and strung weight, respectively, and with a size of almost 100-inches. These dimensions make the racquet an attractive piece of equipment to buy and enjoy the game with greater ease.

  • Comfortable to handle and carry
  • Attractive design
  • Featured-packed
  • Some might face difficulty with the top-spin

Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket

In the last again we have this revolutionizing tennis racquet manufactured especially for the intermediate level player. This racquet offers nothing except perfection in the performance while you are on the court. 

This racquet comes with an oversized head of almost 110-inches to make it a larger sweet spot, thus helping the player to get greater preciseness in their game. This is an adult tennis racquet that also has a headlight balance between acquiring the same accuracy in the shot as it greatly reduces the vibration and adds stability in the shots. 

The thing that makes it durable and long-living is the addition of Nano Titanium technology. This technology makes the racquet lightweight and extremely durable to live and serve for you for an extended period.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reduced vibration in shots
  • Not for advanced-level players
  • Strings become slightly loose