Head Radical Jr Tennis Racquet

The very first racquet that is the choice of most tennis lovers is this one by HEAD brand. It is known best for its quality material production that aids the beginner user with multiple features. 

The racquet is just perfect for beginner kids between the age of 9 and 11 who are looking to take their sports even more seriously. The features with which these amazing racquets come are perfect for aiding the player while stepping ahead towards perfection. 

Next, the youth racquet comes with a high-quality headlight that eliminates the vibration and increases the stability of the player in hitting the ball. Also, the vibration and arm strain is reduced because of the unique built-in dampening feature. 

It comes with a 105-inches head size, 4-inches grip size, and 26-inches and 245g of length and frame weight. All these dimensions are just perfect for the beginner player to feel better with their learning process.

  • Lightweight
  • Tight strings
  • Best for beginners
  • Available in a narrow range of colors

Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Then we have this tennis racquet that really helps the players rule the court. This is an amazing helper for all those beginner players who want to learn this sport in no time. It is easy to handle and use a racquet that makes the game super-easy and comfortable simultaneously. 

It comes with maximum durability, even for the longest hours of a day. It doesn't care whether you are playing with it 24/7. The quality of its performance never fades away. It gives you the same grip and power over your movements as you have them at the time of very first use. 

The great thing about this racquet is that it comes directly from the most leading brand and is known for its durability and best performance. With over years of experience in the manufacturing market, Gamma knows what it takes to satisfy each player with whatever equipment they desire.

  • Aluminum Material
  • High Rating
  • No Cons

HEAD Geo Speed Adult Tennis Racket

The fondness of tennis can arise at any age in life. Being a tennis lover, nothing can fascinate you much as compared to learning a great tennis sport. If you are also one of such groups, buying this tennis racquet can help you reach your goal. 

This tennis racquet is made for beginners who are so passionate about being a champion tennis player. It comes with an oversized 105-inches head that does a perfect larger sweet sport for beginners who are still learning to master the precision. 

Also, it comes with a great headlight advantage that is useful in reducing vibration and also aids the player in representing greater stability when hitting the ball. With this headlight in the racquet, the player gets the edge in winning the game even better than other players.

  • Sturdy and tight strings
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Slight loose grip-tape

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Next on our list is this beginner tennis racquet by Generic. It comes with the most impressive features and helps the beginner to step ahead in their sport with greater confidence. The great thing about this racquet is that it doesn't come alone but is accompanied by a great-quality Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag of the color of your own choice. 

This racquet is perfectly easy to swing and is amazingly fun to play to learn all the basics of the game. Its being light in weight, and reduced size is the love of almost all beginner tennis players. 

It comes in the widest range of sizes, including 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch, and 25-inch, for the players of age ranging between 3 and 12, respectively. It is always better to consult a coach before ever deciding on the right-sized racquet.

  • Great quality
  • Best beginner racquet
  • Perfect grip
  • Not fit for the players above age 13

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

This powerful tennis racquet by Wilson comes with a Volcanic Frame Technology that is known for providing power and stability to the shot. Its Stop Shock Pads are added specially to reduce vibration and add greater control. It boosts up the performance of the player and helps them to mostly win the match.  

To provide your shot with even more power, the racquet comes with much longer main strings. These strings make sure to make the shot more explosive and powerful. Its Power String bridge is something that introduces more power to the shot you play. 

In addition to all the above-mentioned things, the racquet has much more things; it comes with a grip size of 4 3/8 and has Stop shock sleeves which add greater comfort when you are handling your racquet.

  • Stiff frame
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Great power

    MacGregor Wide Body Tennis Racquet (EA)

    The best thing about this racquet is that it comes manufactured in two materials; aluminum and graphite. The combination of these two materials at the fused Head and shaft points make the racquet even stronger and more durable to support the most powerful shots at the time of playing. 

    It has an oversized 110 square-inch head which makes just the right Head to support the newer learning process of the beginners. It helps them to never miss at the shot and deliver it with greater force and power. 

    Additionally, the racquet is designed to have a greatly comfortable PU grip and comes with a four ¼-inches grip. This grip provides the player with exceptional comfort and eases while handing it when playing.

    • Durable
    • Easy to use
    • Great-sized
    • Not so powerful

    MacGregor Recreational Tennis Racquet

    Then we have this graphite-aluminum fused racquet that is known most commonly for its robust and powerful performance. The material makes it strong enough to deal with any powerful shot and helps the player to lead the game with greater confidence. 

    The next thing which is quite amazing about this racquet is that it comes with the most comfortable grip of all. It comes with a PU grip with an almost 4 ½-inch grip size. The grip size helps the player to feel real comfort and ease at the point where they are handling the racquet, and so it makes them be better in their game. 

    With its mid-size 95 square-inch head size, the shot becomes more powerful and robust. It provides more space for the ball to hit the surface with even greater force, and thus the quality game is maintained.

    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to handle
    • Great power
    • Lightweight
    • Not available in many colors

    Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket

    Providing even more robust and powerful tennis racquets, Head has never failed in maintaining its introduction to the most amazing and attractive designs. It offers impressive racquets for almost all levels of play, and especially the beginners are at a better edge. 

    Its oversized 110-inches Head makes a greater sweet spot and hence becomes a better choice for a wide range of casual players. It helps them to master the sport in lesser possible time. 

    The most advantageous thing about this racquet is that it is lightweight and thus an easy-to-handle item. Also, a great-quality headlight makes it easy for the player to eliminate vibration and get increased stability in the shot. It is for this purpose; the beginner players prefer to buy this racquet as it lets them enjoy their sport even better. 

    It comes in almost 110-inch head size, 27-inch length, 4.25-inches grip size, and around 275g of the frame weight. It is made with a durable Nano Titanium technology that makes it even easier for the player to get used to the game with greater ease.

    • Strongly built
    • Comfortable to use
    • Great for beginners
    • Not durable

    Sportime Yeller Tennis Racquets

    This racquet by Sportime can prove to be the best choice for beginner players who want to master their sport within no time. It comes with features that are specially designed for beginners and help them to become better and better at their game with each passing day. 

    Impressively, the racquet comes with the widest-body aluminum frame that is well-equipped with heavy-duty yokes. These things add much durability to the life of the racquet, which means you don't have to spend more and more money buying a new racquet each time. 

    Then the softer polyurethane grips of the racquet are known for adding greater comfort to the grip, and hence you do not feel tired at hand even after handling it for an extended period. This comfort greatly enhances the quality of your performance in the game.

    • Quiet performance
    • Strong body
    • Powerful shot
    • Not available in a wide range of colors

    Crossway Sports Junior Tennis Racket

    In the last, we have this premium quality amazing racquet that comes with the widest range of features. It is made to add greater comfort and ease to the life of a player, along with adding quality to their performance. 

    To add durability to the racquet, it is made with an aluminum alloy integrated frame, braided nylon strings, and head protection rubber which combine to add more life to the racquet. 

    It comes with a great-quality headlight that reduces vibration and increases stability in the shot. It has an almost 4-inch bigger overgrip that helps the first learners to show their skills with even greater perfection.

    • Attractive body
    • Great power shot
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Available in four colors only