HEAD Instinct Junior Girls' Tennis Racquet

The very suggestion for the racquet for your little girl is this one by Head-one of the top rated and most leading sports equipment manufacturing brands. The racquet forms a perfect choice for beginners, including the girls who are passionate about mastering tennis. 

This racquet comes in a wide range of sizes, including the 21, 23, and 25 that are just right for the kids of ages between 4 and 8 and above. If you want your baby girl to feel better about her favorite game, then buying this racquet will solve everything out. The racquet ensures to provide the best-ever features along with introducing some thrill in the game. 

The best thing about this racquet is that, just like other racquets made for the intermediate and advanced-level player, it also comes with a headlight balance. This headlight balance reduces vibration in the shot up to much extent, thus leaving it even more stable and accurate.

The racquet is made of aluminum 0o-beam construction that helps the racquet to stay strong and live longer to serve the sports need of your kids. A long-lasting and better performing racquet is always better to get as compared to other ordinary racquets that make to waste your money time and again on buying a new one over and over again.

  • Strong body
  • Featured-packed
  • Reduced vibration
  • Not for adults

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Head is probably one of the most leading and best brands that take care of the passion for the sports of almost all ages, including kids to adults. It offers nothing except the best-quality tennis equipment in the market. 

This racquet by Head is made exclusively for the kids who are passionate about earning tennis and aim to get ahead with greater perfection. It is available in sizes between 19 and 25 inches that are best to satisfy the kids of ages between 2 and 8 and even above.

Its headlight advantage is something that helps the racquet to get among the best and most admired kids racquets in the market. This headlight balance ensures to eliminate any vibration from your shot and keep your shot even more stabilized and accurate. This accuracy is what is needs in this court, so if your kids start to learn the art from this age, there are chances that they will master the game in no time. 

The great thing about this racquet is that it is highly durable. This durability is attained due to its manufacturing from aluminum o-beam construction. It allows your kids to have fun with their game for an extended period without making you spend your money over and over again on buying the same product from the market.

  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit heavier Head

Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Then next on the list is this powerful yet completely safer and secure tennis racquet that every kid can easily use to enjoy their favorite sport. It is known to be one of the most leading-edge equipments that you can easily get for your passionate kids. 

The best thing about this racquet is that it is extremely affordable and highly safe to use for your kids. It has a bunch of useful features that help your kids master the game even better and in lesser time. When your kid is desirous of having a racquet that just matches their needs, getting them, this racquet will definitely cheer them up. 

Also, the racquet is purely durable and lives for a longer period of time. So you spend money only once, and your kid enjoys the sport for a greater time. This is probably the best thing that you can get at this price for your kid.

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Best-quality material
  • A bit too big in size

Wilson Minions Kids Tennis Racquet

This is probably the best racquet that you can get for your passionate kid. If your kids love minions character and also in love with the tennis sport, then this tennis racquet is just the right choice to get for them. This racquet doesn't come alone but comes along with a complete kit, including training tennis balls also. 

This racquet also comes in different variety of sizes, including from 19-inches to 25-inches for the kids of ages between 5 and 10. You can select from among these sizes depending upon the age of your young ones and help them feel extremely better at their sport even at the beginning. 

The racquet also comes with a bumper guard that protects the racket from any damage that the racquet can get by getting into contact with the court surface and several other objects. This makes the racquet highly durable, and long-living to be with your kid for an extended period and makes them happy with the game. 

It comes with a wide range of tennis balls types also depending upon the age of your kids. If your kid is between the age of 5 and 8, you can get them red foam tennis balls which are safer and easier to play. Also, you can get them Stage 3 Red Felt tennis balls that are almost 75% lower than those of the standard yellow balls. If your kids' age range between 8 and 10, you can get them Stage 2 Orange Tennis balls and are 50% slower than a standard yellow ball used in the court. However, Stage 1 Green Dot tennis balls are for children between the ages of 9 and 10 as they are almost 25% lower than those of standard yellow balls in the court.

  • Best tennis balls
  • Complete kit included
  • Increased stability
  • Not fit for adults
  • The handle's quality can be better

Wilson Burn Pink Junior Tennis Racquet

Here we end our list with this most affordable tennis racquet that you can get for your little sport-lover girls between the ages of 5 and 10. The best thing about this racquet is that it does not come alone; rather is accompanied by a tennis bag or a backpack. You can choose this backpack in the color of your own choice, and hence your kid will feel even better to carry it along with them to the court.

The bag is extremely great in having a space to hold up to 3 junior rackets. It comes with the main compartments for the equipment and the apparel, along with the large zipped accessory compartments that let you store your personal things.

It comes in a vibrant and minimalist design that looks great when your kid carries it to your court. Its AirLite Alloy construction helps it to live for an even longer period. It makes it extremely lightweight in the frame area and thus makes it easy to handle, carry and use when playing. Thus, this racquet is extremely comfortable power for all recreational juniors. 

You can choose among its wide variety of sizes that come between 19 and 25-inches. These sizes come for kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. So whichever age your girl is, this racket has in store many options for them in terms of sizes.

  • Available in all sizes
  • Great-quality bag
  • Extremely durable
  • The frame is a bit stiffer for some kids