Beginner Tennis Players 

If you are a beginner-level player, then the first thing you need to look at in a racquet before buying it is that it should be extremely light in weight. Getting started with a lightweight racquet that also features a larger head size-often known as over-sized racquet-can help you make contact with the ball with even greater consistency. It will also help you to get used to the game with even more convenience. 

While looking for the best tennis racquet for a beginner player, we suggest you lookout for the following things: 

  • Oversize head size
  • Lighter frame
  • More power

When you consider buying a racquet that comes with these features, you are more likely to get the best and most amazing racquet for yourself. There are many racquets in the market that you can get for yourself even at being the beginner stage of the game. 

Intermediate Tennis Player  

At the intermediate level, you can think of getting a racquet that comes with a slightly reduced head size. At this level, the player is most likely to handle a little more weight than a beginner player can do. The reason for this is that the tennis muscles of the players are most likely to develop, and they learn to represent more pace on their own. 

While considering a racquet for an intermediate player, consider the following things in a racquet most specifically: 

  • Medium-weight frame 
  • Over-sized head size 
  • More control and less power generation 

For intermediate players, Wilson’s Clash or Blade tennis racquets are best to go for. These introduce the racquets with the features that are specially added to aid the skills and expertise level to make them move ahead with better confidence. 

Advanced Tennis Players 

Lastly, we have advanced-level tennis players that need a bit different types of racquets than the beginner or intermediate-level players. For advanced players, the tennis racquets should be a more “mid-sized” racket that allows them to move ahead with better control of their movements and shots. It lets them get more accuracy and preciseness in their game and thus helps them to feel more confident among other team members as well as the opponents. 

When you are planning to get a racquet for an advanced-level player, you need to consider the following things: 

  • Medium to heavyweight frame 
  • Mid plus to Midsize head size 
  • Optimized control 

There are many leading brands that introduce the most top-rated tennis racquets that are specially made to keep the advanced-level tennis players even more satisfied on the court. 

Choosing a racquet for Swing-lovers

The next important category for the tennis lovers who are always looking for the best compatible tennis racquets for the court is those of the swing-lovers. If you are one of those categories, there are many racquets that are made specifically to keep your swing style intact. 

For your swing style, there are also different racquets introduced for the players depending upon their expertise level. There are many brands out there who offer some specified racquets, mainly for beginners, some for the intermediates. Also, there are some others who offer their racquet services for advanced-level swing lovers. 

The most important thing in a racquet that a swing-lover should consider is that they should get a racquet that provides them even more control and feels. It helps them get better at their arm movement and thus makes their swing even better with each passing day.

Considering the Racquet construction.

The last thing that you must consider in a racquet while buying it for yourself is its construction. Construction is probably one of the most important things that decide the effectiveness of your performance in the court. If you ignore to consider this construction feature in a racquet, you are more likely to get mistaken in choosing the best-ever racquet for yourself, and you are definitely going to lag in your performance in the court. 

In its construction, there three elements that you must consider: head size, string patterns, and weight. 

Head size: 

In terms of head size, there are two things to consider; a racquet with a larger head size will deliver more power for your shot, and a racquet with a smaller head size is likely to provide you more control for your shots. 

So, keeping in mind your needs, you can easily get a racket with either a larger or smaller head size. 


While considering the weight of a racquet, you should see whether the racquet is light in weight or heavier. If a racquet is heavier in weight, you will get more control over it and will surely deliver the best performance. However, if the racquet is lighter in weight, you will get more power deliverance, and thus you will perform better in the court for sure. 

String Patterns 

Then the next thing that we suggest you do not ignore in the construction of a racquet is its string patterns. If you get a racket with an open-string pattern, you will get more power out of it, and if you get a denser-stringed racket, you will be provided with better control over the shots that you deliver in the court.