Regrip your tennis Racquet: The Most Authentic Way

When you feel that your old grip tape is turn out, or gotten too dirty, or even has lost its tackiness, know that there is time you need to replace the grip tape. Also, when your tape feels anti-slip or is too absorbent, you then also need to replace the grip tape and hence make your game even better. 

There are also some points when you feel your grip tape being too think that it makes the handle twist un your hand; you might also want to thicken it up a bit to avoid this issue. 

So, changing your grip tape or even reapplying the new one on top of the previous one, there are some most important things to keep in mind. If you ignore to consider these things, there are more chances that you will feel terrible at the time of playing your favorite game. 

The Best Way to Regrip your Tennis racquet

There is no one perfect way to regrip the tennis racquet as some people prefer one way to regrip their tennis racquet while some use the other. However, the one way which we know that proves to be the best and easiest to end the task within no time is the one that we have mentioned below. You just have to follow these below-given simple steps to enjoy your racquets’ amazing performance once again. 

Remove the Old Overgrip The very first step that you have to follow in the way to regrip your tennis racquet is that you remove the old overgrip. Unless you remove the older overgrip, you will not be able to reapply the new grip you want. 

To remove the older overgrip, you simply have to unwrap it. For this purpose, you will have to slide off the tight rubber collar present at the top of the handle. You can also use scissors or your nails to peel it the tape first and then carefully manage to unwrap the grip. 

1. Apply the new Grip Tape

After that, you have removed the older grip tape from your tennis racquet; then, it is time that you must apply the new grip tape to it. For this purpose, you have to unfurl the new tape by removing the plastic from it. Find the tapered end that comes with a backing that you have to remove in order to start applying it onto your racquet. 

To apply the tape onto the handle of the racquet, you have to keep in mind that you must follow the shape and direction of the handle. Many racquets handle come with diagonal etchings that help you know the direction to wrap the overgrip. Also, the type of overgrip that you prefer having for your game also determines how you will wrap the overgrip. For example, if you prefer a wider overgrip, avoid applying it too tightly or wrapping it around too many times. And if you prefer having a thinner overgrip, do the opposite. 

2. Things to consider while wrapping the overgrip: 

Before you start wrapping the overgrip around the handle, there are some most important things that we suggest you have a must consideration for. Taking care to keep these things in mind will help you apply the grip tape with greater ease and convenience. 

  1. Start wrapping your racquet from the bottom of your racquet. 
  2. Keep the tapered side of the overgrip angled upon the shorter side. 
  3. Ensure to not lay the overgrip over the butt cap of your racquet. 

These things are very important to keep in mind and help you wrap your racket with the grip tape with even more ease and convenience. 

3. Secure the Tape 

The last step in wrapping the grip tape is that you secure it so that it does not leave its place. You can easily wrap the overgrip as you feel it comfortable up to a certain level. You will do this only when you reach the top of the handle. Use the finishing tape to stick the grip around the handle carefully. After doing this, you will have to pull the rubber collar back down.